Strawberry Alternative NEw Album: "Gone"Greg’s incredible new CD, “Gone,” by his band Strawberry Alternative, is available now on compact disc from CD Baby. “This cd is a compilation of songs that were inspired by relationships, stories and conversations. The people who played on them are my friends. I feel each song represents something human we all experience at one time or another.“~Greg

The band’s first self-titled album, Strawberry Alternative is also available from CD Baby. Greg comments: “Strawberry Alternative was started as a way for me to play and record my music with my best friends. They are not only the greatest friends, but the most talented and gifted people I have had the Strawberry Alternative Self-Titled Debut Albumpleasure of playing with. The songs are what they are because of them. In some cases they played much better than the song deserved. There were things I had wished I had done differently. In retrospect every turn and twist has brought this album to where it is and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you like listening to it as much as I did recording it.” ~Greg