Welcome to the first episode in our Star Search Revisited Series. We’ll follow our heroes throughout their journey both on TV and behind the scenes in search of stardom and the $100,000.00 prize!

The summer of ’92 marked an incredible period of growth and evolution for Skeleton Crew®. We had many great gigs including The Palace of Auburn Hills SummerFest and some choice opening act opportunities at the DTE Energy Music Theater (then named, Pine Knob Music Theatre) and more.

The fall of ’92 brought on more surprises in the form of an invitation to audition for the television talent show, Star Search (the precursor to American Idol). Star Search was a huge hit at the time and during its years on the air.

Somehow (I’ll fill in the details when I have the time to ask some questions), noted record executive, Dick Williams, got a hold of a pre-release copy of our debut album, “Pre-Historic…Dig!,” which we just finished recording during the summer with our producer, Gary Spaniola, for his Baltic Records label. The next thing you know, one of Star Search’s talent producers, Marylyn Fisher, contacted us to schedule an audition.

I must admit, at first, there was much trepidation if we should do the show or not. We decided to do the audition figuring if we were selected to appear on the show we would decide then what we wanted to do. Well, we were chosen and we did decide to perform on Star Search.

We were informed that we had two minutes to perform each song to a pre-recorded backing track while the vocals were performed live during taping of the show. Rather than edit existing song tracks to conform to the two minute constraint, we went back into Seller Sound studio to re-arrange and record two minute versions of the songs we chose to perform on the show.

Two shows were taped on a scheduled taping day. Often we were up at 7 am for an 8:30 sound check and the first taping would begin around 10:30 or 11. Break for lunch and back for an afternoon taping at 1:30 or 2. People visiting Disney World had the opportunity to view a taping of a television show at the park and the crowds were enthusiastic.

We were given round trip airfare from Detroit to Orlando, Florida where Star Search was taped at Walt Disney World. Beautiful accommodations at The Port Orleans on our first trip down and Dixie Landings for the subsequent two return trips. Each band member also received $30.00 per diem for food and expenses per day. The entire process for Star Search ’93 took place between September and October 1992. Star Search ’93 aired in January of 1993.

Some of the acts that went on to fame and fortune that appeared with Skeleton Crew® on  Star Search ’93 included: a young cowboy named Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé who performed with the precursor to Destiny’s Child – Girl Tyme [Skeleton Crew has the unique distinction of forever being a footnote in the career of Beyoncé  as “the band of scary musicians that beat her on Star Search with a four-star performance.], an incredible singer and Star Search female vocalist champ, Beth Hart, and Star Search winning comedian Don MacMillan, who went on to work for McDonald’s Hamburgers as Mac Tonight.

We hope you enjoy revisiting our appearances on Star Search. We will follow the series over the next few weeks much like they were originally aired. We’ll also be uploading photos and video of the proceedings that went on behind the scenes in an effort to recreate the fun and excitement we experienced during this magical time in our history. Stay tuned for more!