Greetings boys and girls of all ages! Well, if it’s Tuesday it must be: “Star Search Revisited” night! So gather up the brood and the appropriate munchies and libations and cuddle up to your nearest computer monitor. Go ahead…we’ll wait.

Episode Two finds our heroes competing against the reigning vocal/musical group champion, “My Brutha’s Keepa.” In order to get to this point, we had to compete against another contender, “The Petals,” for the chance to go up against the champs, which you saw last week in Episode One.

These two performances where actually filmed on the same day: one in the morning, break for lunch, then one in the afternoon. We decided to perform “We Ought To Know Better,”  the same song for this performance as we did in the first just in case we made it further in the competition to insure we had enough material for subsequent shows.