During our first trip down to the set of Ed McMahon’s Star Search the producers of Star Search were kind enough to arrange a special gig for us at Walt Disney World’s West End Theatre in Paradise Island. We performed two sets that night.

The cool thing, and I do mean “cool” was the fact we were privy to experience how the entertainers and workers at Disney World got from one place to another without disturbing the visitors. There is a labyrinth of underground walkways and service areas that span the enormous scope of the parks’ property. Our dressing room underneath the West End stage was literally a meat locker! It was very air-conditioned!

What made matters worse for the singer in the band was that fact he spent his entire morning and afternoon off that day with his favorite drummer in all the world at the pool getting third degree burns! Needless to say the combination of refrigeration, tight jeans and sun blisters the size of half-dollars on my thighs made for a painful performance. More so on me, I hope, than the audience!

Skeleton Crew® would like to thank Greg’s lovely wife Janine Tyler for taking the video footage of this performance at the West End Theatre, Pleasure Island, Disney World! Thanks Janine…WE LOVE YOU!

Actually, as we jog the memory bank…we stand corrected. Greg’s lovely wife Janine did not make this first trip down with us to Disney World as Greg and I were roomies on this trip. Greg gave his video camera to Dan’s then wife, Donna, who was the videographer for this particular event. So, we would like to thank Dan’s lovely wife Donna for taking the video footage at the West End Theatre, Pleasure Island, Disney World! Thanks Donna…WE LOVE YOU, TOO!