Welcome back one and all to America’s Number One TV-Time Rerun: Star Search Revisited! Last week had our musical group champs “Four Starring!” the little girl group “Girl Tyme” (there should be child labor laws!), the precursor to Destiny’s Child and the superstar juggernaut known as “Beyonce!”

This week in Episode Six of Star Search Revisited the world is up for grabs. If our heroes make it past this round they will be guaranteed a spot in the elusive “Star Search Semi-Finals!” The boys pull out another original song in pursuit of win number five recorded and arranged specifically for the show’s two minute performance time frame, called “Freedom On Your Mind,” as they go head-to-head with a very well attired band of cool guys called: Big Bang Rodeo!

Tune in to find out if they made it to the semi-finals and if they get there chance to meet the man himself: Ed McMahon! This one’s a nail biter!