Connie Marshall-Rautenberg | Applying Skeleton Crew Tattoo

Connie Marshall-Rautenberg | Applying Skeleton Crew Tattoo

Connie Marshal Rautenberg can be considered either the sixth or seventh member of Skeleton Crew depending on which configuration of the band you discuss. Over the years Skeleton Crew has performed at a select few weddings that has earned the band the additional honor of “Wedding Band!”

When we were asked to perform at our “Harmony Partner’s” wedding to a great guy and great musician no less, Art Rautenberg, we were honored. But we were totally not prepared for the surprise Connie had in store for us!

Connie Marshall-Rautenberg | Skeleton Crew TattooConnie has been true blue Crew since day one and our legacy owes a large part to her incredible efforts on our behalf. So I guess it really shouldn’t have come to much of a surprise when Connie revealed underneath her wedding dress the glorious-to-behold Skeleton Crew tattoo emblazoned on her ankle!

Connie was gracious to supply us with photographs of her getting tattooed along with some pictures of the band performing “Siren Song” and “Faith” at her and Art’s wedding held at the stately Detroit Athletic Club. A splendid time was had by all!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words