Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew® | The Band

Skeleton Crew | William Pilipchuk

William Pilipchuk: Lead vocals & percussion
Lead vocalist, lyricist/songwriter and co-founder of Skeleton Crew®
Performed with Detroit pop/rock group Bitter Sweet Alley
Recorded with Grand Funk Railroad lead singer/guitarist Mark Farner
Lead vocalist & songwriter for the band Purple Gang which included Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith; recorded with Triumph lead singer & guitarist Rik Emmett
Formed Skeleton Crew with Scott Christy


Skeleton Crew | Scott Christy

Scott Christy: Lead & rhythm acoustic guitars, percussion & background vocals, songwriter and co-founder of Skeleton Crew®
Lead singer/songwriter for The Hearthrobs; recorded album for Electra Records in 1982
Radio DJ co-host “Damon” with Paul Christy on KISS-FM
Skeleton Crew | Dan Hess
Dan Hess: All keyboards, rhythm acoustic guitar, background vocals
, songwriter & vocal arranger
Former member of EMI recording artists “Second Self”
Detroit session musician for local and national recording artists
Computer software developer and creator of sound effects for aircraft and tank simulators and instrument samples for various digital keyboard manufacturers
Composed & recorded soundtrack for Pilot Wings 64 video game

Skeleton Crew | Chris Badynee (aka Bogdon Vasquaf)
Chris Badynee: Fretless bass, bass, harmonica & background vocals
Co-founder and songwriter for Detroit punk band Cadillac Kidz; wrote the local hit single “Shoulder To Shoulder”
Invented the world’s first and only cardboard electric bass; the Bogdon Bass
Also records and performs as Bogdon Vasquaf

Skeleton Crew | Greg Tyler
 Greg Tyler: Drums, percussion & background vocals/songwriter
Drummer for the Greg Stryker Band in the mid to late ’80s
Drummer for Bugs Beddow’s Blues Brigade in late ’80s early ’90s
Session drummer for various artists
Solo project: Strawberry Alternative