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Our heroes are taking their loss on Star Search in stride. Here we find them relaxing in the lobby of the Orlando Airport Hotel. Doing what they do best and what they will always do: play music. Njoy!

P.S. Fear not. This may be the official end of the Star Search Revisited Series, but it’s not the end totally. There will be more fun behind-the-scenes video and antics to come in the not-so-distant-future. We won’t leave you hanging too long!

peace&love~Skeleton Crew®

From the pen of Bogdon Vasquaf:

This is our finale after appearing on Star Search for 7 weeks, enjoying 3 weeks all expenses paid in Disney World Florida. We played our music by the pool, in bars and restaurants, on the streets in and out of Disney World, on the main stage in Pleasure Island, we played our music while standing in lines, in the rain, for strangers, in the green room with a little boy named Justin Timberlake, on stage against a little girl named Beyonce, taught our songs to a singer named Beth Hart, and had more fun than i ever had with music and friends… This is the moment after everything was done, we earned the title as “non winners” and relaxed as we waited for our flight home… (our conga drums were actually seat-belted in first class seats!!!!!!!!)


Welcome back to Star Search Revisited! In Episode Seven we find our Star Search Semi-Finalists vying for win number six. Don’t look lightly on the competition as they turn out to be formidable competition indeed in the form of a beautifully harmonic boy/girl duo named One Plus One.

We took a big chance in trying to whittle our six minute epic, “Lost My Way,” down to the two minute version for the show. It was ambitious, but was it a calculated miscue? Will our heroes notch win number six? Will they go on to the finals? Can they survive the heat? Tune in to find out what happens!