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Music For Good

Skeleton Crew is proud to announce the band’s participation in Music For Good. We have partnered with Music For Good to help raise awareness and money for OXFAM America: “Creating Solutions to Poverty, Hunger & Injustice.”

Every artist selling music on ReverbNation that participates in Music For Good chooses a charity they’d like to support and splits proceeds of that sale right down the middle: $0.56 for the artist + $0.56 for the charity + $0.17 processing. So every time a fan buys a song from a ReverbNation artist, they’re demonstrating their support for indie music and a worthy cause.

Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. OXFAM save lives, develop long-term solutions to poverty, and campaign for social change. Oxfam is one of 17 members of an international  confederation, they work with people in more than 90 countries to create lasting solutions.

Oxfam America works on the scene, helping people gain the hope, skills, and direction to create a new future. They are also active in the global arena, addressing social injustice through our advocacy, public education, and emergency assistance programs.

why 1000x1000Skeleton Crew has contributed our song: “Why.” Originally inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award  winning film, “Schindler’s List” and the genocide that was taking place in Bosnia-Herzegovina circa 1994. “Why” has never been released as a recording to the public until now. Our purpose is to inspire the power within everyone to speak up, help others, and simply “do good.”

Download “Why” by Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew’s “Why” was first enlisted as the soundtrack to the band’s video of the same name focusing on the 2011 Arab Spring uprising taking place in Egypt:

Why Video:

The sound recording is the original conceptual demo of “Why,” basically written and recorded the moment that inspiration hit that same day. The song shows the band experimenting with found sounds and tape loops to help illustrate the chaos and carnage taking place in the world at that moment.

While the band would prefer that interested parties donate to a worthy cause we are also making the song available as a free download here: Nimbit Store:

Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon!

Happy 70th Birthday John Lennon! peaceloveone! ~Skeleton Crew®

To commemorate John Lennon’s seventieth birthday on October 9, 2010, Detroit-based indie band Skeleton Crew® will make an MPFree (Free MP3) music download of their version of John’s “I Am The Walrus” available to the world. The high quality, 320 kbps MP3 download can be downloaded for free the entire month of October at these two download links:


Droplr: There’s just one (positive) catch.

Skeleton Crew® is asking all those who download the free song to consider becoming a “tributary of peace.” John and Yoko were at the forefront of the modern peace movement. Their vision embraced new technologies to encourage peace and love throughout the world. Noting that the Internet is like a mammoth “river of peaceful possibilities,” Skeleton Crew® lead singer, William Pilipchuk would like to encourage the masses to follow in Yoko’s footsteps as she continues to harness the powerful connectivity of the Internet to help humanity embrace and share peace and love.

Noted mind, body and spiritual guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra, expands on this sentiment in explaining the theory of Quantum Physics as an energy that flows freely between all things and the universe making us all interconnected. “In John’s opening lyrics to ‘I am The Walrus’ he sings: ‘I am he, as you are he, as you are me and we are all together,” in other words, as Pilipchuk points out, “John clearly defines Quantum Physics in one line of his song: amazing!”

In this era of instant-everything where it seems people are talking more and listening less, one thing has remained constant: we’re still listening to music. “The celebration of John Lennon’s 70th John & Yokobirthday is the perfect time to once again embrace his medium of choice – music – to encourage the world to start listening to each other, keep the peace and stop the proliferation of fear and hate,” said Skeleton Crew® drummer, Greg Tyler.

After downloading the Free MP3 of I Am The Walrus, Skeleton Crew® encourages everyone to visit Yoko Ono’s website, Imagine Peace, at to see how she is utilizing the Internet to spread positive messages. Visitors to the site may find some inspiration on how they, too, can help change the world.